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Research Articles

2014 – 2015

Schulze M, Fedorchenko O, Sondergeld T, Knobbe-Thomsen C, Kraus S, Schwinn S, Beilhack A, Reifenberger G, Monoranu C, Siren AL, Jeanclos E, Gohla A. (2015). Chronophin is a glial tumor modifier involved in the regulation of glioblastoma growth and invasiveness. Oncogene, in press.

Chopra M, Langenhorst D, Beilhack A, Serfling E, Patra AK. (2015). Interleukin-2 critically regulates bone marrow erythropoiesis and prevents anemia development. Eur J Immunol, in press.

Distler E, Albrecht J, Brunk A, Khan S, Schnürer E, Frey M, Mottok A, Jordán Garrote AL, Brede C, Beilhack A, Mades A, Tomsitz D, Theobald M, Herr W, Hartwig UF. (2015). Patient-individualized CD8+ cytolytic T-cell therapy effectively combats minimal residual leukemia in immunodeficient mice. Int J Cancer, in press.

Kim BS, Nishikii H, Baker J, Pierini A, Schneidawind A, Pan Y, Beilhack A, Park CG, Negrin RS. (2015). Treatment with Agonistic DR3 Antibody Results in Expansion of Donor Tregs and Reduced Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease. Blood 126(4):546-557.

Chopra M, Brandl A, Siegmund D, Mottok A, Schäfer V, Biehl M, Kraus S, Bäuerlein CA, Ritz M, Mattenheimer K, Schwinn S, Seher A, Grabinger T, Einsele H, Rosenwald A, Brunner T, Beilhack A*, Wajant H*. (2015). Blocking TWEAK-Fn14 interaction inhibits hematopoietic stem cell transplantation-induced intestinal cell death and reduces GvHD. Blood 126(4):437-444.

Rieber N, Singh A, Carevic M, Öz H, Bouzani M, Amich J, Ost M, Ye Z, Ballbach M, Schäfer I, Mezger M, Klimosch SN, Weber ANR, Handgretinger R, Krappmann S, Liese J, Engeholm M, Schüle R, Salish HR, Marodi L, Speckmann C, Grimbacher B, Ruland J, Brown GD, Beilhack A, Loeffler J, Hartl D. (2015). Pathogenic fungi regulate T-cell immunity by inducing neutrophilic myeloid-derived suppressor cells through a Dectin-1/CARD9 and ROS-mediated mechanism. Cell Host Microbe 17(4): 507-14.

Ulges A, Klein M, Reuter S, Gerlitzki B, Hoffmann M, Grebe N, Staudt V, Stergiou N, Bohn T, Brühl TJ, Muth S, Yurugi H, Rajalingam K, Bellinghausen I, Tuettenberg A, Hahn S, Reißig S, Haben I, Zipp F, Waisman A, Probst HC, Beilhack A, Buchou T, Filhol-Cochet O, Boldyreff B, Breloer M, Jonuleit H, Schild H, Schmitt E, Bopp T. (2015). Protein kinase CK2 enables regulatory T cells to suppress excessive TH2 responses in vivo. Nature Immunology 16(3): 267-275.

Meinhardt K, Kroeger I, Bauer R, Ganss F, Ovsiy I, Rothamer J, Büttner M, Atreya I, Waldner M, Bittrich M, Lehmann CHK, Rieger MA, Beilhack A, Zeiser R, Edinger M, Dudziak D, Mackensen A, Rehli M, Ullrich E. (2015). Identification and characterization of the specific murine NK cell subset supporting graft-versus-leukemia- and reducing graft-versus-host- effects. Oncoimmunology 4:1, e981483.

Vaeth M, Bäuerlein CA, Pusch T, Findeis J, Chopra M, Mottok A, Rosenwald A., Beilhack A, Berberich-Siebelt F. (2015). Selective NFAT targeting in T cells ameliorates GvHD while maintaining anti-tumor activity. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 112(4): 1125-1130.

Trebing J, Lang I, Chopra M, Salzmann S, Moshir M, Silence K, Riedel SS, Siegmund D, Beilhack A, Otto C, Wajant H (2014). A novel llama antibody targeting Fn14 exhibits anti-metastatic activity in vivo. mAbs 7;6(1).

2012 – 2013

Chopra M, Kraus S, Schwinn S, Ritz M, Mattenheimer K, Mottok A, Rosenwald A, Einsele H, Beilhack A. (2013). Non-Invasive Bioluminescence Imaging to Monitor the Immunological Control of a Plasmablastic Lymphoma-Like B Cell Neoplasia after Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation. PLoS ONE 8(12): e81320.

Thalheimer A, Korb D, Bönicke L, Wiegering A, Mühling B, Schneider M, Koch S, Riedel SS, Germer CT, Beilhack A, Brändlein S, Otto C. (2013) Non-invasive visualisation of tumour growth in a human colorectal liver metastases xenograft model using bioluminescence in vivo imaging. Journal of Surgical Research 185(1): 143-51.

Schliesser U, Chopra M, Beilhack A, Appelt C, Vogel S, Schumann J, Panov I, Vogt K, Schlickeiser S, Olek S, Wood K, Brandt C, Volk HD, Sawitzki B. (2013). Generation of highly effective and stable murine alloreactive Treg cells by combined anti-CD4 mAb, TGF-β and RA treatment. European Journal of Immunology 43(12): 3291–3305.

Bäuerlein CA, Riedel SS, Baker J, Brede, C, Jordán Garrote AL, Ritz M, Schulz S, Grether M, Chopra M, Beilhack GF, Zeiser R, Schlegel PG, Einsele H, Negrin RS, Beilhack A. (2013). A diagnostic window for the treatment of acute GVHD prior to visible clinical symptoms in a murine model. BMC Medicine 11(1): 134.

Chopra M, Lang I, Salzmann S, Pachel C, Kraus S, Bäuerlein C, Brede C, Jordán Garrote AL, Mattenheimer K, Ritz M, Schwinn S, Graf C, Schäfer V, Frantz S, Einsele H, Wajant H, Beilhack A. (2013). Tumor necrosis factor induces tumor promoting and anti-tumoral effects on pancreatic cancer via TNFR1. PLoS ONE 8(9): e75737.

Wölfl M, Schwinn S, Yoo YE, Reß ML, Braun M, Chopra M, Schreiber SC, Ayala VI, Ohlen C, Eyrich M, Beilhack A, Schlegel PG. (2013). Src-kinase inhibitors sensitize human cells of myeloid origin to Toll-like-receptor-induced IL12 synthesis. Blood 122(7): 1203-1213.

Chopra M, Riedel SS, Biehl M, Donat S, von Krosigk V, Bäuerlein CA, Brede C, Jordan-Garrote AL, Schäfer V, Ritz M, Mattenheimer K, Degla A, Mottok A, Einsele H, Wajant H, Beilhack A. (2013). Tumor necrosis factor receptor 2-dependent homeostasis of regulatory T cells as player in TNF-induced experimental metastasis. Carcinogenesis 34(6): 1296-1303.

Heimberger T, Mindaugas A, Riedel S, Stühmer T, Schraud H, Beilhack A, Bumm T, Bogen B, Einsele H, Bargou R, Chatterjee M. (2013). The heat shock transcription factor 1 as a potential new therapeutic target in multiple myeloma. British Journal of Haematology 160 (4): 465-476.

Brede C, Friedrich M, von Krosigk V, Jordán-Garrote AL, Riedel SS, Bäuerlein CA, Heinze K, Bopp T, Schulz S, Mottok A, Rosenwald A, Einsele H, Negrin RS, Harms GS, Beilhack A. (2012) Mapping immune processes in intact tissues at cellular resolution. Journal of Clinical Investigation 122 (12): 4439-4446.

Riedel SS, Mottok A, Brede C, Bäuerlein CA, Jordán Garrote AL, Ritz M, Mattenheimer K, Rosenwald A, Einsele, H, Bogen B, Beilhack A. (2012). Non-invasive imaging provides spatiotemporal information on disease progression and response to therapy in a murine model of multiple myeloma. PLoS ONE 7: e52398.

Ophir E, Or-Geva N, Gurevich I, Tal O, Eidelstein Y, Shezen E, Margalit R, Lask A, Shakhar G, Hagin D, Bachar-Lustig E, Reich-Zeliger S, Beilhack A, Negrin R, Reisner Y. (2013). Murine anti-3rd-party central-memory CD8+T-cells promote hematopoietic chimerism under mild conditioning: Lymph-node sequestration and deletion of anti-donor T-cells. Blood 121: 1220-1228. 

Donat S, Hasenberg M, Schäfer T, Ohlsen K, Gunzer M, Einsele H, Löffler J, Beilhack A, Krappmann S. (2012). Surface display of Gaussia princeps luciferase allows sensitive fungal pathogen detection during cutaneous aspergillosis. Virulence 3(1): 50-61.

  • Publications Beilhack Group

Before 2012

Wilhelm K, Ganesan J, Müller T, Dürr C, Grimm M, Beilhack A, Krempl C, Sorichter S, Gerlach UV, Jüttner E, Zerweck A, Gärtner F, Ferrari D, Kambham N, Fisch P, Finke J, Idzko M, Zeiser R (2010). Graft-versus-host disease enhanced by extracellular adenosine triphosphate activating P2X7R. Nature Medicine 16(12): 1434-1438.

Thorne SH, Liang W, Sampath P, Schmid T, Sikorski R, Beilhack A, Contag CH (2010). Targeting localized immune suppression with the tumor through repeat cycles of immune cell-oncolytic virus combination therapy. Molecular Therapy 18(9): 1698-1705.

Olson JA, Leveson-Gower DB, Gill S, Baker J, Beilhack A, Negrin RS (2010). NK cells mediate reduction of GVHD by inhibiting activated, alloreactive T cells while retaining GVT effects. Blood 115(21): 4293-4301.

Zangi L, Margalit R, Reich-Zeliger S, Bachar-Lustig E, Beilhack A, Negrin R, Reisner Y (2009). Direct Imaging of Immune Rejection and Memory Induction by Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stromal Cells (MSC). Stem Cells 27(11): 2865-2874.

Olson JA, Zeiser R, Beilhack A, Goldman JJ and Negrin RS (2009). Tissue specific homing and expansion of donor natural killer cells in allogeneic bone marrow transplantation. Journal of Immunology 183(5): 3219-3228.

Bjorck P, Beilhack A, Herman EI, Negrin RS, Engleman EG (2008). Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells Take Up Opsonized Antigen Leading to CD4+ and CD8+ T Cell Activation In Vivo. Journal of Immunology 181(6): 3811-3817.

Nishimura R, Baker J, Beilhack A, Zeiser R, Olson JA, Karimi M, Negrin RS (2008). In vivo trafficking and survival of cytokine-induced killer cells resulting in minimal GVHD with retention of anti-tumor activity. Blood 112(6): 2563-2574.

Beilhack A, Schulz S, Baker J, Beilhack GF, Nishimura R, Baker EM, Landan G, Herman EI, Butcher EC, Contag CH, Negrin RS (2008). Prevention of Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease by Blocking T-cell Entry to Secondary Lymphoid Organs. Blood 111(5): 2919-2928.

Zeiser R, Leveson-Gower DB, Zambricki EA, Kambham N, Beilhack A, Loh J, Hou JZ, Negrin RS (2008). Differential impact of mTOR inhibition on CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells as compared to conventional CD4+ T cells. Blood 111: 453-462.

Zeiser R, Zambricki EA, Leveson-Gower D, Kambham N, Beilhack A, Negrin RS (2007). Host-derived interleukin-18 differentially impacts regulatory an conventional T cell expansion during acute graft-versus-host disease. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant 13(12): 1427-1438.

Fernandez I, Zeiser R, Karsunky H, Kambham N, Beilhack A, Soderstrom K, Negrin RS, Engleman EG (2007). CD101 surface expression discriminates potency among murine FoxP3+ regulatory T cells. Journal of Immunology 179(5): 2808-2814.

Zeiser R, Nguyen V, Jing-Zhou H, Beilhack A, Zambricki E, Buess M, Contag CH, Negrin RS (2007). Early CD30 signaling is critical for adoptively transferred CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cells in the prevention of acute graft versus host disease. Blood 109(5): 2225-2233.

Nguyen VH, Zeiser R, daSilva DL, Chang DS, Beilhack A, Contag CH, Negrin RS (2007). In vivo dynamics of regulatory T cell trafficking and survival predict function in controlling GvHD following allogeneic transplantation. Blood 109(6): 2649-2656.

Cheung L, Han J, Beilhack A, Joshi S, Wilburn P, An A, Rockson SG (2006). An experimental model for the study of lymphedema and its response to therapeutic lymphangiognesis. BioDrugs. 20(6): 363-370.

Tabibiazar R, Cheung L, Swanson S, Han J, Beilhack A, An A, Wagner R, Rockson N, Shin WS, Rockson SG (2006). Inflammatory manifestations of experimental lymphatic insufficiency: functional, histopathological and molecular characterization. PLOS Medicine 3(7): e254.

Zeiser R, Nguyen V, Beilhack A, Schulz S, Buess M, Baker J, Contag CH, Negrin RS (2006). Inhibition of CD4+CD25+ regulatory T cell function by calcineurin dependent interleukin-2 production. Blood 108(1): 390-399.

Sato T, Habtezion A, Beilhack A, Schulz S, Butcher EC, Thorlacius H (2006). Short-term homing assay reveals a critical role for lymphocyte function associated antigen-1 in the hepatic recruitment of lymphocytes in graft-versus host disease. Journal of Hepatology 44(6): 1132-1140.

Cao YA, Bachmann MH, Beilhack A, Yang Y, Tanaka M, Swijnenburg RJ, Reeves R, Taylor-Edwards C, Schulz S, Doyle TC, Fathman CG, Robbins RC, Herzenberg LA, Negrin RS, Contag CH (2005). Molecular imaging using labeled donor tissues reveals patterns of engraftment, rejection, and survival in transplantation. Transplantation 80(1): 134-139.

Beilhack A, Schulz S, Baker J, Beilhack GF, Wieland CB, Baker EM, Herman EI, Cao YA, Contag CH, Negrin RS (2005). In Vivo Analyses of Early Events in Acute Graft-versus-Host Disease Reveal Sequential Infiltration of T Cell Subsets. Blood 106(3): 1113-1122.

Cao YA, Wagers AJ, Beilhack A, Dusich J, Bachmann MH, Negrin RS, Weissman IL, Contag CH (2004). Shifting foci of hematopoiesis during reconstitution from single stem cells. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 101: 221-226.


Review articles und Editorials

Engelhardt M et al. , Terpos E, Kleber M, Gay F, Wäsch R, Morgan G, Cavo M, van de Donk N, Beilhack A, Bruno B, Johnsen HE, Hajek R, Driessen C, Ludwig H, Beksac M, Boccadoro M, Straka C, Brighen S, Gramatzki M, Larocca A, Lokhorst H, Magarotto V, Morabito F, Dimopoulos MA, Einsele H, Sonneveld P, Palumbo A; European Myeloma Network. (2014) European Myeloma Network recommendations on the evaluation and treatment of newly diagnosed patients with multiple myeloma. Haematologica 99(2): 232-42.

Beilhack A (2010). Leading T cells astray. Blood. 115(23): 4628-4630.

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Beilhack A, Rockson SG (2003). Immune traffic: a functional overview. Lymphat Res Biol 1(3): 219-234.